Design & Printed Artwork

We present stunning artwork of business cards, flyers, catalogs, menus, postcards and a wide variety of printed stuff for business needs. In addition, we merge your needs, your business facts, and your ideas, all with our vision, design abilities, thoughts and creativity during the process. Put your mind at ease if you do not have ideas in mind, we invent ideas suits your business.

- Business Cards: 1 side, double sided
- Flyers: Letter Size (11×8.5) & Half Page (8.5×5.5)
- Brochures: double sided design: 2 or 3 or 4 folded
- Post Card: double sided design (4×6)
- Calendar & Catalogue
- CD Package, Envelope, & Table Tent
- Event Ticket
- Menu and Mini Menu
- Invoice Papers
- Posters, Rollups, & Banner


Branding, is what people feel when they sense (see, hear, touch, smell, or taste) your corporate or your products. When two or more people feel the same when they sense your brand, then you have a corporate ID, and you have a brand. We invent that emotional relationship between your brand and people. Call us and get yourself introduced to smart branding solutions.


Keep your CD in a pocket like a business card to present your services. We are designers, we are programmers, we are engineers, we create mind-blowing short movies represent your services. Make your product breath, talk, and introduce itself.


Translate your website, add languages, target multilingual communities. Globalize your business. Present your website in other languages and edit each language separately with different contents and photos.